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James Dennis PsorasReviewsout of 26 reviews
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Win cases

He was great and going to trial not a plea and winning the case as he has done for other cases in the past ... i highly recomend him...

I used this firm 10 years ago and they got me 6 months time served on 4 years back up time. I would recommend them to everyone

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Best DUI Attorney !!!!!!

Mr. Psoras kept me out of jail after my THIRD DUI. He also helped to get me clean. It wasn't just his legal knowledge but him caring enough to help me get my life together which impressed me. I would recommend him to anyone.

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He helped me out!

Got a DUI for the 1st time. Never been in trouble and thought I was going to go to jail. James Psoras got me out of trouble. Super friendly relatable guy walks you through all the steps.

James Psoras is top of line with his quality of work and extremely personable as well. He and his team got the job I needed done and I was very satisfied with the end result. I would definitely call on James Psoras again and I highly recommend him.

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It like family

Jimmy did a great job with my case! He totally explained to me everything to me made me completely confident going into the court room. Positive outcome, definitely recommend him if you need an attorney. Not only is he now my attorney I consider him a friend. He cares about you as a person. Do yourself a favor and give him a call.

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Excellent Attorney! He helped me beat my 2nd DUI and driving suspended case

I love Mr. Psoras. I was sooooo scared but he was very confident and made me feel comfortable. I did no jail time if was a HUGE relief. I highly recommend him.

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Jimmy is the best!

I hired Jimmy for a harassment charge and Jimmy went right to work to get the facts straight and to get deals worked out. Jimmy went above and beyond what anyone else would do. Always communicated about what the state was doing, advised me on what needed to be done to have a fair trial and outcome and we got a very fair outcome at trial. Most importantly Jimmy kept me out of jail. If there’s anybody you want on your side in court please get Psoras and Psoras as your council. He’s the best at everything and committed to getting you a fair result. I’d recommend him to anybody. I can’t thank Jimmy enough for all the work and care he put into getting me a fair result.

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best lawyer in maryland!

Mr. Psoras and his associate Erica had 6 cases for my boyfriend just in this past year with nothing but continued probation!! I am forever grateful!!! They made sure he did not miss the birth of our daughter and helped him get the help he needed. They beat 1 possession charge, 1 dui, 1 false statement, 1 driving within 12 hours of a dui, and 2 Violations of probation in Baltimore City and baltimore county with no jail time!!!! It is a miracle that he is not in prison right now! He has helped us more than we could ever thank him for!

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DUI cast. (2) of them in 4 months

I had two DUI cases the first one I got off with just a PBJ my lawyer on the second one got me off with no jail time no she Spanish and 18 months unsupervised probation he’s a great lawyer he knows everybody and I highly recommend him he will be there for you and I mean he will take care of you like a lawyer should give McCall like I said he did a great job for me and I know my friend use them also

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